Track-Control Level Control (LC)

Track-Control Level Control

Level Control can be used on almost all other ISOBUS screens. This means that you can easily use your level machine with different tractors. Level Control is suitable for almost RTK GPS antennas with NMEA output. It is also possible to work with ISOBUS joysticks (ISOBUS Aux).

Smart possibilities

Level Control is suitable for laser leveling, slope can be adjusted in up to three directions (double roof profile).The system has both automatic as well as manual and semi-automatic modes where the machine is limited in its lowering by the set profile. Using offsets, you can quickly raise or lower the levelling blade a few centimetres to move the soil layer by layer.

Advantages of Level Control:

  • Active RTK GPS 3D leveling system
  • Works simular to laser leveling.
  • Works on existing Trimble /CNH ISOBUS screens,you don't need a additional screen/terminal in your tractor!
  • Connected with Isobus connector.
  • Possible to work with taskcontroller (option).
  • Can work with any hydraulic leveler.

Three drifferent control options:

  • Auto mode 3D leveling (slope in three directions)
  • Half Automatic mode (max depth can be set with the right slope)
  • Manual mode. (Up down with Joystick)