Track-Control Plough Control (PC)

Track-Control Plough Control

With nice straight ploughing it is easy to create a flat seedbed which is important for cultivation. This regardless of soil type, pre-fertilization or limited visibility. It is also easier to maintain depth settings so that the tractive force can be used optimally and fuel consumption is reduced.
Plough steering is possible on almost all variety shifts. A width sensor is mounted on the plough and the width cylinder already present is used for the width adjustment. The cylinder is controlled by an electro-hydraulic steering slide or directly by an electro-hydraulic steering slide of the tractor. By means of RTK/GPS it is controlled.

Plough Control

A number of operating systems have already been developed. What makes Track-Contol unique is that it is operated via the existing ISOBUS screen and it has RTK accuracy of 1 to 2 cm at any time of the day. It also has an automatic calibration of the cutting width of the first furrow and automatically ploughing of wedges without troubles.
Furthermore, what makes it unique is that it has been specially developed by and for arable farmers.

Plough Control is an application specially developed for Trimble/CNH (New Holland, Case, Steyr), AG Leader, Topcon (Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Deutz) en John Deere GPS-systems.

Advantages of Plough Control:

  • Ploughing of contours possible.
  • Automatic calibration of the cutting width of the first furrow.
  • Equiped with optical sensor, so automatically the right plough direction is chosen.
  • Works on existing CNH ISOBUS screen, you don't need a additional screen/terminal in your tractor!
  • Straight furrows, even in foggy weather and at night.
  • Automatically ploughing of wedges without troubles.
  • Works with every vario plough.
  • Upgrade to Side Shift possible (optional).
  • Plug and play application available for electr.valves (optional).
  • Plot fan out.

Installing Plough Control

Installing plough steering doesn't take much time, only the roll sensor (proximity switch) has to be installed on the plough. In the cabin a controller of approx. 15x15x 5 cm has to be placed and further it depends on how the plough will be controlled. Either with the electric valves on the tractor, or with a 6/2 valve to use the control valve or with an external valve block on the plough.

Automatically ploughing of wedges

Automatically ploughing of wedges means that you can set the system to come out on the right side without thinking. So you don't have to take row numbers into account, they are automatically added or subtracted. The only thing you have to tell the system is on which side of the plot the AB line is light. You can do this visually in the screen by pressing the plough in the lower right corner. If you are going to plough in the standard form, i.e. just follow an AB line, you do not have to tell the system the ploughing direction. By means of the rolling sensor this direction is determined automatically.